Welcome to Sphere Fluidics:


Sphere Fluidics Limited is an established, Life Sciences company which has developed unique products and single cell analysis systems that enable therapeutic discovery and provides collaborative R&D services in this area.

We have patented a novel technology platform that enable ultra-high throughput analysis of single cells and their subsequent isolation in miniaturised (pL to nL) volumes called picodroplets.  

Uniquely, these systems enable the study of different, large biomolecules that interact with or are secreted by single cells. The latter application is very powerful as many human biotherapeutics, industrial enzymes (isolated mainly from micro-organisms) and around 15% of the Human Proteome are secreted, so cannot readily be analysed using conventional technology. Disease-related proteins, novel biomarkers and potential diagnostics, are also released from cells and should also be measurable in picodroplets.

Sphere Fluidics' technology enables: study of the mechanism of cell resistance to chemotherapy, isolation of new enzymes and identification of novel microbial molecules created using synthetic biology. Sphere Fluidics has established multiple commercial partnerships, received business angel investment and together its' Scientific Founders and the Company have received over £11 million in science and business funding to date.

The Company has the following USPs:

  • One of the very few teams in the world with expertise in single cell analysis and picodroplet technology.
  • Leading-edge, patented technology and proprietary know-how enables analysis and detection of single cells and their biomolecules.
  • Extensive management experience in successfully commercialising innovative science and engineering.
  • Expertise in new science with key applications for novel biopharmaceutical and biosimilar discovery.
  • Our novel process for single cell analysis and characterisation provides significant saving of time, resource and money compared to conventional workflows.



From a background population of tens of millions of picodroplets, Sphere Fluidics can assay, select and retrieve an individual picodroplet containing a unique, single cell.

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