Sphere Fluidics Wins Acquisition International Award for "Best UK Early Stage Investment"

Sphere Fluidics has just been awarded a Business Excellence award for “Best UK Early Stage Investment” by Acquisition International. The latter publishes Corporate Finance news and has a global readership. Dr Frank F. Craig, CEO, said “We are delighted to win this prize which is awarded to those companies with the highest votes from the journal’s readers”. More information on Acquisition International can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics Sponsors "Microdroplets in Action Symposium 2013"

Sphere Fluidics will be both sponsoring and presenting at the new “Microdroplets in Action” conference to be held in Cambridge (UK) on the 26th July, 2013. The Conference was organised by Professor Chris Abell (A co-Founder of Sphere Fluidics) and brings together international scientific experts from all over the world. More information on the Symposium can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics Launches New Pico-Gen Chip and Pico-Break Specialist Chemical Range

Sphere Fluidics has now launched a range of 25 new polymer chips (the Pico-Gen range) for picodroplet generation and a range of a new specialist chemical (Pico-Break), which de-emulsifies picodroplet suspensions to enhance recovery of cells and other molecules. Dr Frank F. Craig, CEO, said “The launch of our novel Chips complements our range of Specialist Chemicals products and makes it easier for academic and industrial scientists to use picodroplets for their research and develpoment on single cells and molecules”. The chip range will be distributed and sold via the Dolomite Centre. See here for chip ordering info.