Sphere Fluidics and Professor Wilhelm Huck Publishes Paper on Single Cell Cytokine Analysis

In a collaboration with Professor Wilhelm Huck’s science team (based at Radboud University, Nijmegen), Sphere Fluidics has published a paper on use of picodroplets for measurement of cytokine release from single T-cells. The tile of the paper is “Probing cellular heterogeneity in cytokine-secreting immune cells using droplet-based microfluidics. The article was published in Lab on a Chip, info here.

Sphere Fluidics to Attend "Advances in Recombinant Protein Technology" Conference

Sphere Fluidics will be attending the ELRIG conference “Advances in Recombinant Protein Technology 2013” on 19th-20th November. The conference covers protein expression technologies, protein engineering, synthetic biology and host cell selection. Dr Karine Enesa (Principal Scientist) will be one of the Sphere Fluidics’ attendees, “Our technology is enabling for rapid screening and isolation of transfected cells, their (synthetic) pathways and novel secreted or cell surface-associated proteins. I look forward to attending the conference and discussing this with other attendees”. Conference information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics to Attend "NanoBioTech 2013"

Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics Limited) will be attending the “NanoBioTech 2013” conference to be held in Montreux (Switzerland) on 18th-21st November 2013. “The conference covers interesting scientific areas pertinent to our interests at Sphere Fluidics including: single cell analysis, optics, mass spectrometry and microfluidics. I look forward to scientific discussions with other attendees”. Conference information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics to Join UKTI Synthetic Biology Mission to San Francisco

Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director of Sphere Fluidics) will be joining a UK Trade and Investment Mission to San Francisco (USA) between 13th-17th November 2013. A specially-selected group of UK companies will meet US firms and investors which have an interest in the synthetic biology area. “Sphere Fluidics has novel technology that can analyse millions of cells and (molecules produced by) their synthetic pathways and we would be interested to develop collaborations with leading US firms in this sector”. says Dr Marchmont. Some conference information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics will Attend "BioEurope Fall 2013"

Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) and Dr David Holmes (Principal Engineer) will be attending the BioEurope Fall Conference to be held in Vienna (Austria) on November 4th-6th 2013. They will be available in the UK Pavilion and attending various pre-arranged biopartering meetings. “BioEurope is an excellent forum and I look forward to meeting with some of our current partners and developing collaborations with some new firms.”, said Dr Marchmont. Conference information can be found here.