Sphere Fluidics Files Two New PCT Patents on Novel Detection Methods

Sphere Fluidics’ scientists have filed two separate PCT patents on the use of novel detection systems and methods to visualise single cells in picodroplets. Dr Clive Smith (Principal Scientist) was one of the key inventors and stated “These new patents protect validated new approaches that enable us to improve counting of one or more cells in picodroplets and accurately sort out the “single cell actives” from background populations of millions of cells.” Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) said “These patents further strengthen our international patent portfolio and improve the technical performance of new instrumenation (e.g. Cyto-Mine) that we are developing”.

Sphere Fluidics, UCL and Imperial College Publish Microfluidics Paper on Blood Flow Analysis

Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) and collaborators at University College London and Imperial College have recently published a paper in the online jounal PLOS ONE. Dr Holmes commented: “The work uses microfluidic devices and image analysis methods to highlight the importance of considering local haematocrit distributions in the analysis of blood flow. The experimental approaches developed in this work provide a foundation for further examining the characteristics of microhaemodynamics, and could lead to more accurate computational models of blood flow in microvascular networks.” The tile of the paper is: “Spatial Distributions of Red Blood Cells Significantly Alter Local Haemodynamics.” The article was published in PLOS ONE, info here.

Sphere Fluidics to Attend Dielectrophoresis 2014 in London

Dr. David Holmes (Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) will attend the Dielectrophoresis 2014 Conference in London on 14th-16th July, 2014.  Dr Holmes stated “I am looking forward to meeting and talking with key international scientists, with expertise in electric field based particle manipulation techniques and exploring their potential application for manipulation and analysis of our picodroplets.”  Dr Holmes also commented: “We will also be presenting some recent work carried out in collaboration with colleagues from University of Liverpool and University College London. The title of our talk is: “Real-time Dielectrophoretic Signalling and Image Quantification Methods for Evaluating Electrokinetic Properties of Nanoparticles.” Conference info can be found here.