Dr David Holmes Appointed to IET Nanobiotechnology Journal Editorial Board

Dr David Holmes (Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the IET Nanobiotechnology journal. The journal publishes peer-reviewed papers in areas including development of biomedical devices, microfabrication, colloid chemistry, microtechnology, cell function and molecular self-assembly. Dr Holmes has been appointed for a two year period. Information on the journal can be found here: digital-library.theiet.org/journals/iet-nbt/editorial-board.

Sphere Fluidics Attending and Presenting at Bioprocessing Summit

Sphere Fluidics will be attending the Bioprocessing Summit in Boston (USA) during August 18th – August 22nd 2014. Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) stated “I will be attending to update myself on the exciting Bioprocesssing field and also progress discussions with major biopharma companies on the new Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine platform for single cell analysis”. Dr Karine Enesa (Principal Scientist) stated “We are also presenting a poster on Cyto-Mine related work called “Picodroplets for Use in Cell Development””. Conference information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics Files UK Patent on Novel Mass Spectrometry BioChip

Sphere Fluidics has filed another patent on design and use of novel mass spectrometry biochips for processing libraries of picodroplets. “Sphere Fluidics’ technology enables high-throughput, miniaturised mass spectrometry which has novel applications for screening libraries of engineered cells for production of valuable molecules – such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or Industrial Enzymes. These areas are immensely important in the pharmaceutical industry and in the rapidly growing Synthetic Biology market.” said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). “The technology also has applications in screening of inhibitors against libraries of enzymes created by e.g. enzyme evolution.” he added.