Sphere Fluidics wins ISO Accreditation for its' Products and Services  

Sphere Fluidics has been awarded ISO9001 accreditation for the development, manufacture and distribution of its’ products and services to the Life Sciences industry. Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director), who is responsible for quality management systems at Sphere Fluidics, said “We were very pleased to win this accreditation. It is an achievement for a young company like Sphere Fluidics to be this professional at our current stage of development”. Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) said “The R&D and manufacturing team have done an excellent job in winning this award. Sphere Fluidics puts our customers first and ISO accreditation demonstrates our commitment to further improving their experience and the quality of our products and services”.

Sphere Fluidics Going on UKTI Biopharma Trade Mission to China

Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) will be attending a UKTI Trade Mission to China on 24th – 28th November 2014. “China is a large, important market which, as it enters biopharmaceuticals, may well be excited about our single cell analysis platform (Cyto-Mine). This revolutionises antibody discovery and development and has caused excitement with many Biopharma companies in Europe and the USA. I will also be meeting with various Chinese biotech organisations and investors in Shanghai and Beijing”. More information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics Awarded European Trademark for Cyto-Mine

Sphere Fluidics was awarded its European Trademark for Cyto-Mine, a novel single cell assay system for rapid biologics discovery and development. “Excellent news. This adds to our growing IP portfolio and protects this key brand for Sphere Fluidics. We plan that the system it protects will ultimately be globally launched in a number of key market sectors” said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). “We are also launching news about our new system in China this week”, he said.

Sphere Fluidics to Present and Exhibit at SynBioBeta 2014 in San Francisco

Dr Marian Rehak (Director of R&D) will be presenting on ESI-Mine (Sphere Fluidics’ new miniaturised, high throughput mass spectrometry platform) at SynBioBeta on 14th of November 2014. “This new platform can screen over 200,000 samples a day, rates of almost 20-fold higher than conventional techniques”, he said. Sphere Fluidics will also be exhibiting at the conference. Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) said “The Synthetic Biology market is an exciting one, full of innovative and disruptive science. Synthetic biology is a horizontal technology that fits into many vertical markets, such as Pharmaceuticals or Biofuels. Our technology enables high-throughput, low cost analysis of new clones or pathways engineered by synthetic biology means and is thus very valuable”. Conference information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics on UKTI Synthetic Biology Mission to San Francisco and the Bay Area

Sphere Fluidics will be joining around a dozen other UK SMEs and investment agencies to visit six leading Synthetic Biology companies in and around San Francisco (USA). Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) and Dr Frank F Craig (CEO) will be attending. “This gives us an exciting opportunity to showcase our single cell analysis technology (particularly ESI-Mine) in front of leading US companies” said Dr Rehak. “The Bay Area is a hotbed of innovation. The UK is undoubtedly a leading player in the SynBio area. Undoubtedly, synergy and potential business alliances will come from this trip” said Dr Frank Craig. Mission information can be found here.

Sphere Fluidics is Shortlisted in Genesis BioNewsRound 2014 Award

Sphere Fluidics has been shortlisted as a semi-finalist in the Genesis BioNewsRound 2014 Award for its’ press release published on 24th June 2014 entitled “Sphere Fluidics Wins Investment for Development of Unique, Single Cell Analysis Instrument”. This press release was published in both the US and Europe via PRNewsWire, the BioIndustry Association and other press outlets” said Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director). “It had a high hit rate across US and European networks so was an impactful article on Cyto-Mine – the latter is the name for our new single cell analysis instrument”. The semi-final competition occurs in London on 12th November 2014. The original press release is shown here.

Sphere Fluidics Granted US Patent on Biochip Coating

Sphere Fluidics has been awarded a US patent on use of novel coating techniques for microfluidic biochip design. “This brings our patent portfolio to 52 patents with 11 families and 23 granted international patents” said Dr Marian Rehak (Director of R&D). “This adds further strength to our outstanding patent portfolio” said Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director). “We have already out-licensed some patents and our emerging Cyto-Mine and ESI-Mine platforms for analysis of single and small populations of cells and molecules are well-protected with these patents”.