The Scientist names Cyto-Mine® technology #1 in the Top 10 Innovations of 2018.

The Scientist Top 10 Innovation Sphere Fluidics Cyto-Mine
We are delighted to announce that Cyto-Mine® is one of the winners of The Scientist 2018 Top 10 Innovations!
Cyto-Mine® was selected as one of the winners by an independent panel of expert judges who assessed Cyto-Mine® for its ability to transform the life sciences by fostering rapid advances in scientific research and addressing key problems in the field. Cyto-Mine® is poised to revolutionize antibody discovery and cell line development as the first fully integrated system to perform high-throughput selective screening, cell isolation and provide assurance of monoclonality.
On hearing the news that the Cyto-Mine® had won our CEO, Frank F. Craig, commented: “It is fantastic that Cyto-Mine® has been internationally recognised by The Scientist as one of the Top 10 innovations of 2018, excellent news!”. Read more about The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations in 2018.

Read about 'The Future of Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development'

‘Antibody-derived biologics have become a major class of modern medicine, particularly in the fight against cancer and autoimmune diseases. Crucial to the successful translation of antibodies into therapies are highly efficient antibody discovery and cell line development pipelines. The challenge for biopharma is to screen large cell populations for productivity, antigen-specificity, or other parameters, and then isolate rare cells with assured clonality.’

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