Sphere Fluidics Announces Expert Panel for Inaugural Discovery Day

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Sphere Fluidics Announces Expert Panel for Inaugural Discovery Day


Six speakers have been announced for the inaugural Sphere Fluidics’ Discovery Day, a user-group style conference taking place at the Granta Center, Cambridge, on Tuesday, March 3. The free one-day event brings together industry leaders and researchers to explore how picodroplet technology has redefined processes and workflows in biologics discovery and development.

From antibody discovery to cell line development to synthetic biology and genome editing, the Discovery Day offers insight into the latest advances in single cell technology that are transforming these fields. Invited speakers include fellow researchers, industry members, and super users of our picodroplet technology that is enabling leading-edge research and accelerating biopharmaceutical discovery.

Darren Schofield is a Senior Scientist within the Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering Department at AstraZeneca, UK. Using recent case studies, the talk will highlight how emerging technologies are shaping the future of biologics discovery; through advances in in silico structural prediction tools, single cell RNA sequencing technologies, and the use of microfluidic technologies for antibody repertoire screening.

Also speaking at the Discovery Day is Jonathan Dempsey, Managing Director of Dempsey Consulting and a founding Partner of Pathway Biopharma Consulting. As a specialist in mammalian cell line development, upstream process development, Jon will review the major methods and technologies currently used in cell line development and introduce a suggested roadmap for the development and optimisation of an expression platform.

Joining Schofield and Dempsey are Irene Sanjuan-Nandin and Manjunath Hegde from GlaxoSmithKline. Irene Sanjuan-Nandin is an Investigator in the Antibody Selections team at Biopharm Discovery, and Manjunath Hegde is an investigator in Biopharm Discovery. With a focus on antigen-specific single-B cell screening, the talk will demonstrate the potential of microfluidic picodroplet technology for antibody discovery with a proof of concept study by generating antibodies against two different therapeutic targets.

Alison Young, a Staff Scientist within the Mammalian Cell Culture group at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies will also be speaking. Drawing upon her work to establish a robust cell line development process for the Apollo™ X mammalian expression platform system, the talk will explain how the adoption of Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine® technology resulted in a reduction in cell line development timelines from 25 to 10 weeks.

Finally, Xin Liu, Head of Cell and Molecular Biology at Sphere Fluidics, UK will close the session by showcasing some of the projects that the Sphere Fluidics’ team has been working over the past year, Exciting new developments and applications include biotherapeutics discovery and development, synthetic biology, and genome editing.

Sphere Fluidics’ Discovery Day is a free one-day event exploring the practical application of picodroplet technology across biologics discovery and development. Attendees can expect specialist talks, in-depth case studies, and scientific poster sessions. The day concludes with round table discussions on current biopharma challenges and new applications for picodroplet technology.

Rob Marchmont PhD, VP of Sales and Marketing, Sphere Fluidics said “We are excited to host the first Discovery Day for Cyto-Mine® users and researchers interested in microfluidic picodroplet technology. It provides an opportunity to cover highly technical processes and new developments with top specialists in the field, with lots of opportunities for expert-level discussions. Featuring fascinating talks, new data presentations and informative round table conversations, Sphere Fluidics’ Discovery Day is invaluable for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving microfluidic technology landscape and the future of biologics production.”

Limited places are available. Find out more information online at http://spherefluidics-2496087.hs-sites.com/discovery-day-2020.

Cyto-Mine® paper published in SLAS Technology

Cyto-Mine® paper published in SLAS Technology

We’re proud to announce that our scientific paper ‘Cyto-Mine: An Integrated, Picodroplet System for High-Throughput Single-Cell Analysis, Sorting, Dispensing, and Monoclonality Assurance’ has recently been published by SLAS Technology. SLAS Technology is a rigorously peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to the advancement of technology for conducting life sciences and biomedical R&D.


The primary goal of bioprocess cell line development is to obtain high product yields from robustly growing and well-defined clonal cell lines in timelines measured in weeks rather than months. Likewise, high-throughput screening of B cells and hybridomas is required for most cell line engineering workflows. A substantial bottleneck in these processes is detecting and isolating rare clonal cells with the required characteristics. Traditionally, this was achieved by the resource-intensive method of limiting dilution cloning, and more recently aided by semi-automated technologies such as cell sorting (e.g., fluorescence-activated cell sorting) and colony picking. In this paper we report on our novel Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis and Monoclonality Assurance System, which overcomes the limitations of current technologies by screening hundreds of thousands of individual cells for secreted target proteins, and then isolating and dispensing the highest producers into microtiter plate wells (MTP). The Cyto-Mine system performs this workflow using a fully integrated, microfluidic Cyto-Cartridge. Critically, all reagents and Cyto-Cartridges used are animal component-free (ACF) and sterile, thus allowing fast, robust, and safe isolation of desired cells.

Read the publication at the link below:



Sphere Fluidics expands commercial operations to increase supply of Pico-Surf surfactant for droplet microfluidics

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Sphere Fluidics expands commercial operations to increase supply of Pico-Surf surfactant for droplet microfluidics


  • Investment in resources to meet demand for large-scale supply of patented biocompatible surfactant
  • Pico-Surf offers reliable, highly stable and high-quality droplet generation and processing for microfluidic applications


Cambridge, UK, 13 February 2020: Sphere Fluidics, a company commercializing single cell analysis systems underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, today announced investment in the production and supply of its proprietary biocompatible surfactant, Pico-Surf™, for reliable and highly stable droplet generation and processing. Sphere Fluidics will expand operations to meet demand for large-scale commercial supply of its high-performing surfactant for use in a wide range of microfluidic application workflows.

Pico-Surf is a high-quality and animal-origin-free biocompatible surfactant optimized to support the formation of aqueous solution-in-oil picodroplets. Sphere Fluidics aims to increase production of Pico-Surf by three-fold in 2020, whilst maintaining its industry-leading standards, through significant investment of resources in manufacture and quality control processes, and workforce. As part of Sphere Fluidics’ range of specialist chemicals, Pico-Surf is designed to work effectively and flexibly across a broad range of microfluidic systems, including the Company’s proprietary single cell analysis platforms and applications, such as molecular biology assays, cell secretion assays and cell growth studies.

The unique and patented molecular structure of Pico-Surf stabilizes droplets, and retains and protects their cellular and molecular contents over a wide range of temperatures and biological conditions, helping to ensure high cell viability for improved assay performance. Droplets generated using Pico-Surf show low end point interfacial tension and critical micelle concentration in comparison to other commercially available surfactants. The purity and quality of the surfactant also enables a more efficient droplet sorting process at low voltage. The ready-to-use surfactant is available in large batches or made-to-order with ensured lot-to-lot consistency.

Dr. Marian Rehak, Vice President of Research and Development, Sphere Fluidics, said: We are enthused by the increased demand for Pico-Surf, and eager to mobilize its production to meet demand. Whilst doing so, we will ensure its very high quality control standards are maintained, meaning researchers can continue rely on Pico-Surf to create droplets that are stable and reproducible.”

Rob Treanor, Director of Operations, Sphere Fluidics, commented:Sphere Fluidics’ world-leading expertise in picodroplet technology has enabled the development of an ever-growing range of high-performing patented consumables, vital for the successful use of microfluidic systems. All our consumable products have been designed to be platform-agnostic, so they work effectively with a number of microfluidic systems.”


For further information on Pico-Surf, please visit: https://spherefluidics.com/specialist-chemicals/

For further information about Sphere Fluidics’ full range of consumables for microfluidics systems, please visit: https://spherefluidics.com/products/consumables/


About Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics develops and manufactures single cell analysis and monoclonality assurance systems to enable leading edge research and accelerate for biotherapeutic discovery and development. The Company’s picodroplet incubation technology enables ultra-sensitive, rapid miniaturized assays of target protein secreted from tens of millions of individual cells.

Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine® System integrates isolation, selective screening, sorting, imaging and clone verification into a single automated platform to streamline workflows, reduce costs, improve throughput and enable high-value clones to be captured in a single run. Cyto-Mine® is underpinned by the Company’s patented picodroplet technology, which enables ultra-sensitive, rapid miniaturized assays of target protein secreted from tens of millions of individual cells.

Its Picodroplet Single Cell Analysis and Isolation System offers state-of-the-art microfluidics technology inside an easy-to-use, semi-automated system with variable parameters, to easily integrate into research processes.

Sphere Fluidics is located in Granta Park Cambridgeshire (UK) and Monmouth Junction, New Jersey (USA). The Company is also internationalizing its business via a global network of distributors.

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