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Cell Selection, Sorted

Find, analyze and isolate your most valuable cells, with ease and speed
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Work small, think big

We ease the journey to discovery by providing instruments and consumables for single cell analysis and isolation.

Built upon our picodroplet microfluidic technology, our solutions fit seamlessly into your lab workflow — saving time and providing absolute assurance of quality and reliability. We work small so you can think big.

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Picodroplets – the core of our platforms

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets. These are tiny droplets of aqueous fluid in an oil carrier fluid (a ‘single emulsion’) or an aqueous core surrounded by an oil shell in an aqueous carrier fluid (a ‘double emulsion’). Each picodroplet is used to encapsulate a cell. The chemistry of the emulsions is carefully designed to give long-term stable, biocompatible droplets with minimal leakage of molecules from the droplet, right down to small molecules such as metabolites. This provides an ultra-miniaturized test tube, containing media, reagents, and cells, that allows large-scale experiments at the single cell level.

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Need something unique?

Sometimes our off-the-shelf offerings may not be exactly what you need. Whether you need a new application workflow, a custom assay, or perhaps a variant on our world-leading surfactant, we can help. Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and see how we can get you to where you need to be, faster.

Custom Projects

We’re the droplet microfluidic technology company for single cell analysis and our customers are at the center of what we do

Our integrated,
automated platforms
increase efficiency,
delivering value.
Our unmatched
picodroplet technology
is future proof
Our platform is built upon robust evidence from key opinion leaders
Our collaboration with customers is
second to none
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Our Products

Leveraging our expertise in picodroplet microfluidic technology, we offer high-throughput platforms, consumables, and reagents for single cell isolation as well as analysis in biologics discovery and development, cell engineering, synthetic biology, and more. We’ve collaborated with key opinion leaders to ensure that they are robust, proven, and will fit seamlessly into your workflows. Work small, think big with us.

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Our team of experts are on hand to provide you with the information and support you need. Whether you have a question about our products, services or training, we're always happy to assist you

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