Our Industrial Systems, such as Cyto-Mine® as well as our Research Instruments, have been designed for rapid, high-throughput single cell analysis applicable to a variety of research fields. We have extensive experience in the areas listed below – if you would like further information or your area of interest isn’t listed below, please get in touch.

Antibody Discovery

Whether its primary B Cell analysis or hybridoma screening, our novel, high throughput microfluidic solutions can help you find, isolate and dispense your target cells quickly.


Cell Line Development

With our instruments, we select high producing clones early, accelerating workflows and significantly reducing time and costs with the added benefit of monoclonality assurance.


Single Cell Dispensing

Cyto-Mine® can rapidly dispense and image single cells, following their encapsulation, into individual wells of microtiter plates.


Cell Engineering and Synthetic Biology

Rapidly and cost-effectively screen large numbers of cell variants to optimise metabolic pathways, produce key enzymes and metabolites, and even create new molecules or improve expression host strains.


Future Applications

From single cell genome editing to single cell research, diagnostics and prognostics, our flexible technologies can help you achieve results faster and cost-effectively.