BioStreamline Project Outcomes

CPI have reported successful outcomes the £11.2 million BioStreamline project – a collaborative project involving six partners across the UK including Lonza Biologics, UCB Celltech, Sphere Fluidics, Horizon Discovery, Alcyomics Ltd and CPI.

The BioStreamline project focused on accelerating monoclonal antibody production and overcoming bottlenecks in biologics manufacturing, with an aim to optimise the discovery and development of cost-effective next generation biotherapeutics.

Key outcomes include:

  • the development of Cyto-Mine® microfluidic picodroplet technology and workflows
  • the expression and purification of more than 50 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that have contributed to the design of a developability tool
  • the addition of seven job opportunities at CPI that lead into career pathways in molecular biology


Reflecting on these outcomes, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dr Rob Marchmont stated:

​“We are delighted at the outcomes of the BioStreamline project. The development of the Cyto-Mine® platform provides the crucial acceleration needed in monoclonal antibody development and production. Deploying Cyto-Mine® in the biologics area significantly improves efficiencies and reduces timelines in the development workflow and therefore will boost the entry of biologics into the supply chain. Overall this has the potential to have a huge impact on the way biotherapeutics are produced in the UK.”

Dr Rob Marchmont, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sphere Fluidics


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