Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit

1.Cyto-Cellect Human IgGk Detection kit

A sensitive, easy-to-use assay to detect cell clone productivity

During biologics production, cell lines such as CHO cells are selected and characterized based on stability and productivity. It is crucial to measure antibody secretion to identify the highest producing cell clones to progress in the development pipeline.

Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit, in combination with the Cyto-Mine® Single Cell Analysis System, offers a sensitive and robust assay ideal for streamlining cell isolation and titer determination.

When picodroplets are formed during the Cyto-Mine® workflow, the Human IgGκ Detection probes are co-encapsulated with the cells to enable the detection of secreted IgG. The Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit is a simple FRET assay that detects the presence of IgG with kappa light chain within picodroplets immediately after secretion from encapsulated cells. Each kit includes 5 vials, in each vial is a pair of Human IgGκ Detection probes manufactured without the use of animal- or human-derived materials.

The Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit is assay-ready and is compatible with CHO cell culture medium providing an easy-to-use assay to detect cell clone productivity.

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How does it work?

A key enabling component of Cyto-Mine® is its ability to measure the specific IgG production rate of every single cell. The starting cell population requires no prior modification and is simply mixed with the Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection probes which includes a fluorescently labelled immunoglobulin G Fab-specific (kappa light chain) donor probe and an IgG Fc-specific acceptor probe, prior to loading in to Cyto-Mine®. During the in-situ incubation step, IgG secreted by the cell accumulates within the picodroplet. The detection probes bind to the secreted IgG inducing a FRET-mediated shift in fluorescence. Cyto-Mine® then measures the fluorescent signal generated and converts it to a quantitative output.

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