How-To Videos

Our How-To videos can be used in conjunction with our Cyto-Mine® User Manual to get the best results with Cyto-Mine®. These quick guides will walk you through the steps of setting up Cyto-Mine® prior to starting an experiment, preparing the Cyto-Cartridge® and what to do once you have finished.

Check out our support page for the latest Cyto-Mine® User Manual.

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Checking the Syringes

During troubleshooting, you may be requested by a Sphere Fluidics representative to view the syringes, check them for air and report on their positions. The syringes are located behind the syringe access panel, which is held in place by a magnet, slide it towards you and lift out to expose the syringes. Removing the Syringe Access Panel will break the safety interlocks and cause Cyto-Mine® to pause if Cyto-Mine® is running.