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Maintain the performance and value of your instruments with a Cyto-Mine® Service Plan. Sphere Fluidics offers a range of service plans to meet your operational needs.

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Cyto-Mine® Service Plan Comparison

Warranty Silver Gold  Platinum 
Sphere Fluidics' free, comprehensive one-year service warranty (V304) provided with each instrument. Our most affordable service plan designed to ensure peace of mind by maintaining instrument software performance. Our expanded service plan including replacement hardware to support peak performance and efficient processes. Our extensive full-service plan to maximize performance and uptime for customers requiring the fastest on-site response.
What's included
On-site Response Time 3 days* 5 days* 3 days* 2 days*
Annual Planned Maintenance
Parts, Labor and Travel 10% discount 
Digital Remote Support
Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) Available as an add-on Available as an add-on Available as an add-on Available as an add-on
Technical Support (Mon-Fri, standard business hrs)
Software Updates
Software Upgrades
*Availability limited in some geographic areas

Why should you consider a Sphere Fluidics Service Plan?


On-site Service – With a Sphere Fluidics service plan, you receive priority responses for on-site service calls and phone support to help minimize downtime.

Annual Planned Maintenance – Planned maintenance (PM) service is critical to the life and utility of your instruments. Undiscovered issues can lead to not just unplanned repair costs but unnecessary downtime and decreased performance. As the instrument manufacturer, we recommend a scheduled PM visit at least once per year to help keep your instrument running in peak condition and available when you need it.

Parts, Labor and Travel – Our service engineers use only factory tested components and are continually trained on the latest technology and product improvements to reduce instrument failures.

Digital Remote Support – Sphere Fluidics Service Plans include access to our Digital Services and Support Ecosystem to help keep your instruments and lab running smoothly.

Software Updates – Software updates help continually improve instrument performance and reliability.

IQ/OQ Services  – Instrument Installation and Operational Qualification IQ/OQ Services are available as an add-on to your warranty, to address your specific validation needs. As the instrument manufacturer, we recommend carrying out IQ and OQ during initial installation.

 IQ/OQ Services


Installation Qualification (IQ) – Provides documented verification that the instrument is installed according to our specifications and safety regulations. During the IQ, a trained engineer confirms that the latest supported firmware and software versions were installed, verifies instrument setup, checks that physical and environmental safety conditions are met, and provides a signed document.

Operational Qualification (OQ) – Follows a comprehensive, well-defined protocol to ensure that the system is functioning according to our preset and validated operational specifications. The OQ protocol was developed and validated in Sphere Fluidics labs and is updated after each instrument hardware and software release, so you receive the most up-to-date service.

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