CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Encapsulation Kit


A plug-and-play system for microfluidic single-cell hydrogel encapsulation

This ready-to-use Microfluidic Hydrogel Encapsulation Kit, combining the novel CYTRIX hydrogel with Sphere Fluidics’ Pico-Gen™ double aqueous biochip and Pico-Surf™ surfactant, provides:

Efficient encapsulation of mammalian cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms

Industry-leading cytocompatibility of ~95% viability across different cell types

Clog-free microfluidic operation for the generation of homogenous hydrogels

Reversible gelation enabling the efficient release of cells

Tailorable hydrogel matrices optimized to your custom requirements

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The CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Encapsulation Kit

CYTRIX hydrogel technology overcomes the challenges of existing microfluidic hydrogel formation techniques, such as temperature control or time-critical mixing procedures. This alginate polymer-based hydrogel system provides a cell-friendly solution to the harmful temperatures, pH changes, and use of UV-light of existing hydrogel formation techniques.

Combined with the Pico-Gen™ double aqueous biochip and Pico-Gen™ surfactant, the biocompatible and microchannel-friendly kit enables the generation of defined, reproducible, tailorable hydrogel microstructures for 3D cell culture, organoids, single-cell analysis, and many other applications. This solution allows researchers to individually study valuable cells over many weeks rather than days in defined microenvironments that mimic the natural extracellular matrix.



For 3D cell culture, drug discovery, tissue engineering and more

Applications include but are not limited to:

Single-cell analysis

Tumour heterogeneity

3D cell culture

Organoids and spheroids

Tissue engineering

Synthetic biology

Stem cell differentiation


Cell therapy




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