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Spectra-Mine® brings the power of mass spectrometry to picodroplets. It provides a unique, label-free way to automatically identify and select your valuable cells based on mass spectrometry measurements. Our novel approach allows you assess hundreds of thousands of samples each day providing accurate, efficient, low-cost screening - without any fluorescence assays.
  • Label free measurement of target molecules
  • Retrieve rare cells of interest in real time
  • High throughput and low cost
  • Customizable workflows

Picodroplets + mass spectrometry = results

Mass spectrometry is a powerful measurement technique, but it destroys the sample – not good when you’re looking for a rare cell. Using picodroplets this problem can be solved. Single cells are encapsulated in picodroplets, which retain analytes in each individual droplet. The droplets are incubated to promote cell growth and metabolic processes. Each picodroplet is then split into two daughter picodroplets without loss of the droplet content. One part is injected into the mass spectrometer for measurement using electrospray injection; the other part is kept in a flow channel. The spectrum is analyzed, and the second part selected to be retained if it is a ‘hit’ – all done automatically in real time.

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Label-free measurement

Spectra-Mine® extends the power of picodroplets with label-free measurement for selection. Instead of developing a fluorescence assay – which is not always possible – assess your molecules of interest directly, particularly metabolites and other small molecules.

Retrieve your rare cells

Spectra-Mine® solves the problem of destructive measurement. Your cells – all derived from a single clone – are retained in a safe, low-stress picodroplet environment during the spectrum measurement and selected using our established electric-field based picodroplet selection technology.

Customizable workflows

Spectra-Mine® can be configured to match your workflow. Vary the ratio of daughter droplet sizes, include fluorescence or optical measurements, optimize the spectrum analysis algorithms… we work with you to deliver the results you need.

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Built on picodroplets

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets. These are tiny droplets of aqueous fluid in an oil carrier fluid (‘single aqueous’), or an aqueous core surrounded by an oil shell in an aqueous carrier fluid ( ‘double aqueous’).

Each picodroplet is used to encapsulate a cell. This provides an ultra-miniaturized test tube, containing media, reagents and cells, that allows large-scale experiments at the single cell level.

These droplets can then be processed to build complex workflows to find the cells you care about.

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Limitless applications

Spectra-Mine® can be used in numerous applications in life sciences R&D. Here are some examples to fire up your imagination.

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Strain engineering

Determine the efficiency of engineered enzymes on native substrates

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Identify high-expressing cell lines for small-molecule APIs

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Interaction studies

Measure drug interactions with soluble proteins for structure-activity interaction studies

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Synthetic biology

Profile biosynthetic metabolic pathway libraries and find the best cells easily

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