CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit


CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit.



A plug-and-play system for microfluidic single-cell hydrogel encapsulation

Combined with Sphere Fluidics’ Pico-Gen™ double aqueous biochip and Pico-Surf™ surfactant, the kit enables the generation of defined, reproducible, tailorable hydrogel microstructures for 3D cell culture, organoids, single-cell analysis, and many other applications.

This allows researchers to individually study valuable cells over many weeks in defined microenvironments that mimic the natural extracellular matrix.

  • Efficient encapsulation of mammalian cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms
  • Industry-leading cytocompatibility of ~95% viability across different cell types
  • Cell-friendly gelation at physiological pH and temperature
  • Clog-free microfluidic operation for the generation of homogenous hydrogel beads
  • Tailorable hydrogel matrices optimized to your custom requirements
  • Reversible gelation enables simple release of cells at any moment

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Acts as a carrier fluid for picodroplet formation and processing.


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