Cyto-Mine® is a powerful fully-integrated system offering selective screening, isolation and monoclonality assurance to fast-track antibody discovery and cell line development.

Cyto-Cellect™ Probes

The Cyto-Cellect™ Human IgGκ Detection Kit is compatible with CHO cell culture medium providing an easy-to-use assay to detect cell clone productivity.

Research Instruments

Our research instruments can perform single cell screening, protein assays, single cell sorting and dispensing and can be adapted to fit your needs.


ESI-Mine™ is a label-free platform for high-throughput, miniaturised electrospray injection mass spectrometry (ESI-MS).

CellJet 3D Bioprinter

CellJet is a flexible, non-contact system designed for printing cells and hydrogels in any 2D and 3D configuration onto any plate or custom surface.

Specialist Chemicals

We offer a range of ready-to-use research chemicals to enable the more effective use of microfluidic devices for a variety of applications.

Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit

The ready to use CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit is a plug-and-play system for microfluidic single-cell hydrogel encapsulation

R&D Services

We offers a wide range of R&D Services customized to your individual requirements and designed to achieve innovative and high-quality results.

Product Benefits

Thanks to our revolutionary picodroplet technology, our instrumentation systems enable you to streamline the workflows underpinning single cell analysis for research, drug discovery, therapeutics and diagnostics. They have been specifically designed to provide you with significant reductions in operational costs, time and resource utilisation.

Our products are used in over 320 leading organisations globally. We are committed to providing our customers with access to research instruments, integrated systems, biochips, Cyto-Cartridges®, specialist chemicals,  bioreagents, technical support and application advice as required.

Our expert team is constantly developing new products to ensure they evolve alongside technology advancements and the changing needs of our customers. So you can be confident that our systems will always be ready to place you one step ahead of your competitors and peers.