CellJet 3D Bioprinter


Precise, reliable and reproducible live cell printing with over 95% cell viability

The CellJet bioprinter by Cellular Life Sciences is a flexible, non-contact system designed for printing cells and hydrogels in any 2D and 3D configuration onto any microwell plate, culture dish, or custom surface. 

Featuring Digilab® ‘s proprietary synQUAD liquid dispensing technology, CellJet enables both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop cell printing, while preserving the viability of even the most delicate cells.

CellJet offers full control over parameters such as dispensing height and dispensing speed, enabling the printing of different cell types, of varying robustness, volume and quantity.

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The Technology

Provides market-leading performance and functionality: CellJet offers a choice of drop-by-drop or on-the-fly dispensing modes for increased printing accuracy and throughput. Its non-invasive, valve-free printing method significantly reduces cell damage to ensure a 95% or greater live cell viability.

Dispenses a wide variety of cell and fluid types: CellJet enables the gentle and precise printing of live-cells, reagents, or sample containing cells onto microtitre well plates (6 to 1536-well plates), customized or pre-fabricated substrates, or analysis platforms such as Biochips. Digilab®‘s synQUAD technology can also dispense various low- and high-viscosity fluid types.

Supports a broad range of applications: Systems can be configured for a wide range of applications, including 1-channel for simple cell printing, 2-channel for multiple cell types or cell and reagent printing, and 4-channel for bulk dispensing of cells. All configurations can print droplets of volumes ranging from 20 nL to 4µL, and multiple droplets of the desired volume can be printed for larger-volume applications.

Seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow: The convenient benchtop-size printer can fit in most standard Laminar-flow hoods. Larger plate and deck formats are also available, supporting specific research requirements and high throughput robotic integration. CellJet also includes full wash capability and an easy-to-clean and sterilize evaporation cover for hassle-free maintenance.


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The CellJet bioprinter is suitable for several applications including:

Stem Cell Research & Cancer Biology

Customized cell arrays/cell-based assays

Automated cell dispensing for High-content analysis

Cell-Cell interaction studies

Cell-Drug interaction studies (e.g. Drug screens)

Cell culture in Hydrogels

Biofabrication /Bioprinting research

Tissue Engineering

Regenerative Medicine

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