R&D Services

Sphere Fluidics offers a wide range of R&D Services customized to your individual requirements. Our picodroplet technology has supported a broad range of different projects, helping save time, money and resources while achieving innovative and high-quality results.  Here is a summary of some of the R&D Services that we provide.

Proof of Concept Projects

We specialize in applying our core patented picodroplet technology, microfluidics and expertise to single cell analysis, Antibody Discovery and bioproduction to accelerate and broaden its application areas. of research.

We offer a wide range of Proof of Concept projects to help you get the most out of our Cyto-Mine® and Research Instruments. Proof of Concept projects range from investigation into novel application areas, development of new picodroplet based workflows and working with challenging and novel cell types.

We have successfully carried out over 30 innovative Proof of Concept projects with customers aimed at improving and advancing existing workflows or developing completely novel ones.

Here are some examples of our custom Proof of Concept studies:

  • Cyto-mine® assay design & development
  • Assessing the viability of custom cells
  • Assessing the outgrowth of custom cells
  • Assurance of monoclonality and fidelity of dispensing
  • Identifying and isolating antibiotic-resistant bacteria from very large populations
  • Investigating assays using split-GFP based sensors in picodroplets
  • Cell signalling assays
  • Miniaturization of precision genome editing


Custom Assay Design

If you have limited assay development resource for your Cyto-Mine® screens, then we can design your assay and then transfer reagents and protocols to you. We have an expert team and can also scale up production of fluorescent assay reagents to enable you to run full screening campaigns.


Biochip Design

Our scientists are experts in developing custom biochips for use with microfluidic systems. We design our biochips to be platform-agnostic, so they work effectively with a number of systems.

However, for best results, we recommend combining them with our Research Instruments and industrial systems. We have many Pico-Gen™ and Pico-Sort™ Biochips available to purchase through our online store but if you can’t find the right biochip for your application, we can design one for you.


Novel Surfactants

Sphere Fluidics develops and manufactures a range of specialist chemicals to enable the more effective use of microfluidic devices for research applications. Our chemists are highly skilled in surfactant production for use in applications such as single cell isolation, single cell analysis, cell growth studies and electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry.

Contact us with your surfactant requirements.

Patent licensing opportunities

Contact us for patent in-licensing opportunities from our comprehensive, international portfolio of patents.

Customizing your Project

We endeavour to understand your project requirements and work closely with you to design and develop experiments that will get you the results that you need. Our typical process for custom Proof of Concept Projects starts with the completion of a simple project scoping form and an initial discussion. Our scientists discuss the feasibility of the project proposal with you and then we make a decision as to whether to proceed with the project. It is at this point we would recommend signing a CDA or NDA. Next, our team will work with you to define and develop a project outline for you to review and sign off. Once the project work plan has been agreed, with built-in Go/No go decision points to proceed through the project plan, the timelines will be scheduled, and an agreement signed. Then the project begins.

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Customizing Your Project with Sphere Fluidics