Quality Commitment

Sphere Fluidics & Our Commitment To Quality


Since our inception in 2010, Sphere Fluidics has been driven to achieve the highest quality standards. Ingrained in our culture is the philosophy of Kaizen whereby we seek to assess and improve our performance at every available opportunity. Our Quality Management System is the “beating heart” of our operations and is guided by our Quality Policy and our annual Objectives. We check our performance through regular internal audits and management reviews which help to ensure we are compliant and also identifying future opportunities for continuous improvement.


Product Testing


  • Instruments are manufactured in laboratories accredited to ISO9001:2015 and undergo rigorous testing before release.
  • Cyto-Mine® achieves greater than 99% accuracy in dispensing.
  • Our Research Chemicals endure industry leading Quality Control spanning seven pass/fail tests to ensure outstanding performance from each batch.
  • Our Cyto-Cartridge® QC is conducted in accordance with ISO2859-1:1999 standards.
  • A typical Cyto-Cartridge® batch will undergo 892 individual tests before being released into inventory.
  • We rigorously select only the highest quality starting materials and output from production.



ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified

Products have received CE marking

Products have received CB certification

All products certified as Animal Origin Free

Products are RoHS compliant

IASME Cyber Security accredited

Awards and Recognition


Since 2010, the Sphere Fluidics team are proud to have received over 60 awards and commendations – a reflection of our commitment to excellence.