Sorting of picodroplets generating a fluorescent signal

A prototype splitting and sorting biochip for mass spectrometric analysis of synthetic biology libraries in picodroplets.

Picodroplet splitting.

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (a single cell green algae) motility in picodroplets.

Selective sorting of picodroplets containing single B-cells.

Selective sorting and de-emulsification of picodroplets (i.e. transfer from an oil phase to an aqueous phase).

Picodroplet generation.

Encapsulation of single hybridoma cells in picodroplets.

Selective sorting of bacteria expressing Green Fluorescent Protein.

Mixing of two samples in picodroplets via a dual inlet biochip.

Spacing of picodroplets to ensure optimum separation for subsequent mass spectrometric analysis.

Picodroplets being added to a biochip reservoir chamber.

Sorting of picodroplets containing E. coli populations grown from a single cell using absorbance.

Dispensing of an aliquot of carrier fluid containing a picodroplet.