Sphere Fluidics Hires Dr Marian Rehak as their new R&D Director

Sphere Fluidics has now hired a new R&D Director (Dr Marian Rehak). Dr Rehak previously held Senior R&D positions with companies including Unipath and DxTech, has more than 20 years in Life Sciences R&D and has been hired to help grow the business. “I am excited to be joining the Sphere Fluidics’ team at this crucial time. We will now not only provide enabling, R&D Services, but also develop and launch new Products (e.g. novel instrumentation systems) for single cell analysis.” says Dr. Rehak. “Our systems will not only enabling for discovery and development of diverse biopharmaceuticals, but has also created excitement in the emerging field of synthetic biology”, he states. “The Company has recently completed comprehensive market analysis to ensure our new instrumentation systems were defined by the customer base and are targeted into major, global markets.”, says Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). “Dr Rehak is part of our plan to rapidly grow the R&D function and our select markets. We welcome him into Company and look forward to his contribution to our continued success”.