Sphere Fluidics in BioPharm International, August 2021


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Growing demand for bispecific antibodies increases the need for automated and miniaturized high throughput screening capabilities.

The field of biologics is rapidly evolving, offering new avenues for treating and preventing illnesses with unmet medical needs. The vast majority of therapeutic biologics have traditionally been monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), which account for nearly one-fifth of FDA’s new drug approvals each year. However, bispecific antibodies (BsAbs), which simultaneously target two different antigens, have emerged as the next novel wave of biologics. These complex and highly potent molecules offer enhanced efficacy when compared to monovalent antibody therapeutics; however, BsAbs pose new challenges in development, such as low expression yields, inefficient heterodimer formation, and the provision of quality assurance data to regulatory agencies. Consequently, technologies that provide better predictive screening capabilities and higher throughputs than those traditionally used in cell-line development laboratories are required to meet the growing demand for new biotherapeutic molecules.

This article is taken from BioPharm International, August 2021 Issue, Volume 34, Issue 8 Pages: 20–22