Sphere Fluidics in Drug Target Review Issue 1 2021 with Polpharma Biologics


Featured Article in Drug Target Review – Issue 1 2021, in partnership with Polpharma Biologics


Dr Louis Boon, Chief Scientific Officer at Polpharma Biologics Utrecht, offers guidance on how to select the best CHO cell for the upstream bioprocessing of biologics. He also explains how automation can aid monoclonality and why the most efficient approach during the development of biological drugs is to utilize an established cell line platform.

Dr Xin Liu, Head of Cell and Molecular Biology at Sphere Fluidics, adds his expert view on ‘Simplifying upstream bioprocessing of next-generation therapeutics. He describes how picodroplet-based technologies combine high-performance FRET assays with high-throughput single-cell cloning to transform upstream bioprocessing and effectively generate high-yield production cell lines.

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