Sphere Fluidics in International Biopharmaceutical Industry Issue 1 2021 with Polpharma Biologics


Featured Article in International Biopharmaceutical Industry – Volume 4 Issue 1 2021, in partnership with Polpharma Biologics


Developing stable and high-producing cell lines to manufacture biologics is complex, multi-stage, and time-consuming, often resulting in development timelines that exceed six months when using classical techniques. This represents a frustrating bottleneck in biotherapeutic development, a market where speed-to-clinic is a priority.

The challenge to overcome these limitations and meet the increasing demand for novel biologics encourages constant innovation in the manufacturing processes. This article presents some of the latest strategies to optimise product concentrations and productivities, and high-throughput automated methods to accelerate screening, while reducing manufacturing costs.

This article has been published in Volume 4 Issue 1 2021 of the International Biopharmaceutical Industry Journal