Sphere Fluidics Launches E-commerce Site Allowing Researchers Rapid Access to Specialist Microfluidic Products

Cambridge, UK, 24th January 2017: Sphere Fluidics Limited (SF), an established Life Sciences tools company, today announced the launch of their new E-Commerce website platform to enable researchers easy access to its specialist microfluidic products.
The new website functionality allows scientists rapid, global access to a patented range of specialist chemicals, microfluidic biochips and research instrument accessories. These include the Pico-Surf™, Pico-Break™, Pico-Glide™, Pico-Gen™ and Pico-Safe™ brands, which are designed for a wide variety of single cell analysis applications, cell and molecular biology assays, cell growth studies, ESI-MS, cell secretion assays and more. The consumable product ranges complement Sphere Fluidics’ cutting-edge research instruments.
Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director at Sphere Fluidics), commented: “At Sphere Fluidics we are proud of our outstanding track record in developing novel microfluidic-based solutions for faster and more effective sample analysis and biological discovery. The new E-Commerce website platform provides Life Science researchers with easy and rapid access to our cutting-edge technologies as well as technical support from our R&D team and Application Scientists.”
Sphere Fluidics provides unique collaborative services and products for single cell analysis and characterisation and is currently developing industrial single cell analysis systems (e.g. Cyto-Mine®) for therapeutic discovery and development. Its patented novel biochip systems can process millions of miniaturised tests per day and enable users to find that rare “one in a million” molecule or cell that could be an industry blockbuster. Compared to conventional approaches, Cyto-Mine® technology is ultra-high-throughput, fast, miniaturised and reduces costs and saves time.
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 For further information contact:
Rob Marchmont, Commercial Director
Email: Rob.Marchmont@spherefluidics.com
Phone: +44 1223 804200