Sphere Fluidics Presents Posters at Micro and Nano Flows 2014 Conference 

Work carried out by Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer as Sphere Fluidics) in collaboration with colleagues from Imperial College, University College London and University of Edinburgh will be presented in two papers at the 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference – MNF2014, to be held in London from the 7th-10th September 2014. The first paper, “Multiphase measurement of blood flow in a microchannel. J. Sherwood, D. Holmes, E. Kaliviotis and S. Balabani” presents an experimental study of blood flow dynamics in microfluidic channels and builds on work published recently by the same authors in the journal PLOSONE. The second, “Deformability of red blood cells affects their velocity in deterministic lateral displacement devices. T. Krueger, D. Holmes and P. Coveney” presents a numerical modelling (Lattice-Boltzmann) study of how deformable objects, such as blood cells, behave while flowing through complex microfluidic geometries. Further details of MNF2014 can be found here.