Sphere Fluidics, UCL and University of Edinburgh Publish Microfluidics Paper on Blood Cell Separation in Complex Microfluidic Geometries

Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) and collaborators at University College London and University of Edinburgh have just published a paper in the online journal Biomicrofluidics. Dr Holmes commented: “This exciting work uses three-dimensional (immersed-boundary-finite-element-lattice-Boltzmann) simulations to investigate how blood cells flow in complex microfluidic geometries. Our work should contribute to the development of devices for deformability-based particle separation; that could be applied to the label-free mechanical detection of malaria-infected RBCs, as well as other diseases.” The title of the paper is: “Deformability-based red blood cell separation in deterministic lateral displacement devices – A simulation study.” The article was published in Biomicrofluidics here.