Sphere Fluidics, UCL, University of Cambridge, University of Erlangen and Technical University Dresden Publish a Paper on Microfluidic Deformability-Based Cell Separation

Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) and collaborators at University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Erlangen and the Technical University Dresden have just published a paper in the Royal Society’s journal Interface Focus. Dr Holmes (lead author on the paper) commented: “This work demonstrates a method for separating cells based on differences in their mechanical phenotype (i.e. stiffness). Cell stiffness was independently measured using optical stretching techniques and was demonstrated to correlate with cell separation in the microfluidic device. This work, taken together with recent numerical modelling work, will contribute to the development of devices for deformability-based separations for disease diagnostics and biological sample preparation.” The title of the paper is: “Separation of blood cells with differing deformability using deterministic lateral displacement.” The article was published here.