We are speaking at SLAS Europe 2019!

SLAS Europe 2019

Date: Thursday, 27 June 2019

Session: Disruptive Ideas and Technologies

Time: 15:40 – 17:30

Location: Room 112

Dr Marian Rehak, Sphere Fluidics’ Vice-President of Research and Development will be speaking at SLAS Europe 2019 on how microfluidic-based picodroplet technology can advance single cell analysis.

Single cell screening, linked with high-throughput cell-sorting methods, has become an essential need in cell biology. Cell-derived medicines, particularly peptide/protein-based biologics and engineered cell-based therapies are accepted as exciting and major therapeutic modalities. Critical to this challenge is an ability to efficiently screen large cell populations either for productivity and/or isolate cells of interest, while ensuring monoclonality.

Current single cell screening methods create a bottleneck in the novel biotherapeutic discovery and development process as multiple platforms are required to identify single cells, analyze, sort, image & isolate those ‘hit’ cells – resulting in resource-intensive, time-consuming & expensive workflows.

Microfluidic-based cell compartmentalisation technology is a unique approach to single-cell analysis that can eliminate manual intervention and can deliver the required high-throughput (up to 40 million cells per run), gentle cell processing, single-cell dispensing to microplates, and monoclonality verification by imaging, in a fully automated platform.