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Antibody Discovery

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Antibody Discovery

Accelerating discovery

Are you struggling to screen your repertoire of cells? Frustrated with inefficient methods and multiple instruments? Our platforms combine screening, isolation, and imaging to eliminate bottlenecks and let you find the cells you want – fast.

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  • Fully integrated workflow to find the cells you want
  • Sensitive single cell assays to assess antibody expression
  • Select and dispense single cells directly into microwell plates
  • Rapidly screen large populations of B-cells or hybridomas

Built on picodroplet technology

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets – picolitre-volume aqueous droplets in a carrier oil. Each droplet acts as a tiny separate test tube. Cells are encapsulated in droplets with the assay reagents and passed through microfluidics for sorting and dispensing. Miniaturized, high-speed and fully automated to streamline your application.​

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Optimized for antibody applications

High performance assays

FRET-based assays for antibody secretion

Our FRET-based assays let you measure antibody secretion accurately at the single cell level and thus make robust selection of high-value cells. FRET (Foster Resonance Energy Transfer) uses two probes, one targeted to the Fc region and one to the antigen-specific region, each labelled with a fluorophore. In the presence of the antibody, the two probes bind bringing the fluorophores close so laser excitation of the donor fluor results in resonance that excites the acceptor probe.

Cell-friendly processing

Cells thrive in picodroplets

Picodroplets provide a uniquely protective environment to maintain cell viability during incubation and sorting, even when moving at high speeds through microfluidic channels. Our biocompatible surfactants used to make droplets allow high rates of gas exchange to improve post-sorting cell outgrowth.

Rapid, accurate screening

Screening at unprecedented speed and scale

Large populations are no longer a problem. Screen millions of cells for antigen-specific antibody secretion in a day: with literally every single cell individually assessed and characterized.

Simplified workflows

Multiple instruments in one platform

All the process steps you need in one platform: cell encapsulation with assay reagents, incubation, secretion assessment, cell selection, monoclonality check, and dispensing into microwell plates all in one – all completely hands-off along with all supporting data. Each run uses a disposable cartridge to eliminate any cleaning or concerns about cross-contamination between runs.

Seeing is believing

Don’t take our word for it – see our technology in action. We provide demos and proof-of-concept projects for our customers so you can build confidence in what our platforms can do for your cells.

  • Demos at your site or at our site in Cambridge, UK
  • Use our cell lines and assays, or use yours
  • Proof-of-concept projects – try something novel
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We’re the droplet microfluidic technology company for single cell analysis and our customers are at the center of what we do

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Our unmatched
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