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Cyto-Mine Sphere Fluidics

Cyto-Mine®: Revolutionizing Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development

Streamline your workflows like never before.

Cyto-Mine® is a state-of-the-art, automated platform designed to revolutionize biopharmaceutical discovery and cell line development. By integrating advanced technologies, Cyto-Mine® simplifies and accelerates the entire cell line development process, from cell encapsulation and assay integration to monoclonality assurance and high-throughput screening.
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Next Generation Technology

Current processes for finding novel antibody targets or developing stable cell lines are time-consuming, often inefficient, and difficult to scale. Cyto-Mine® breaks down the barriers that current processes can bring, such as low throughput, or imposing harsh conditions on cells impacting viability and outgrowth, or not allowing direct measurement of cell secretion. Our platform provides the next generation of technology to provide automated, accurate, cost-effective high-throughput screening with gentle processing and reduced contamination.

With Cyto-Mine® you can achieve:

  • Targeted Discovery.
    Rapidly identify and isolate your rare cells of interest.
  • Monoclonality Assurance.
    Extensive proof of monoclonality is critical for cell line development.
  • Significant Time and Cost savings.
    Tens of millions of cells in pools or hundreds of thousands individually can be screened in a single day.
  • Flexibility.
    Flexible assay designs allow quantitative measurement of antibody secretion and other detection methodologies.
  • Supporting GLP Compliance.
    The entire process is automated utilizing Animal Origin Free reagents. The Benchtop system is compatible for use in Class II biosafety cabinets.
  • Regulatory Compatibility.
    Cyto-Mine® is 21 CFR Part 11-compliant.

A unique and gentle workflow to find those rare gems

Cyto-Mine® is our high-throughput platform using picodroplet technology and microfluidics to process up to 40 million heterogeneous mammalian cells (in pools) in less than a day! While principally designed for antibody discovery and cell line development, Cyto-Mine® is an extremely flexible platform, making it ideal for a wide variety of application areas.

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Revolutionize Cell Growth with Picodroplets

Cells are encapsulated in picodroplets containing growth media, which act as a bioreactor to compartmentalize cells allowing their growth and eventual trapping of secreted molecules such as antibodies. Our unique workflow enables selective screening of single cells to find your rare lead candidates.

Ensure Monoclonality and Protect Your Cells

Monoclonality is ensured when single cells are compartmentalized in individual picodroplets, allowing you to perform novel assays, determining protein secretion rates, titre and antigen-specificity. Capturing single cells in picodroplets also ensures gentle processing throughout the workflow, protecting your important cells.

Sterile, Automated, and GLP-Compliant Solutions

Each run takes place within our disposable Cyto-Cartridge® giving you confidence of sterility while minimising crossover risks. The automation of Cyto-Mine® reduces human workload and our simple ‘load-and-go’ system streamlines work for everyone in the lab. Cyto-Mine®, Cyto-Cartridge® and our specialist chemicals and bioreagents are all Animal Origin Free and GLP-compliant.

Flexible Assay Design

Cyto-Mine® enables a wide range of fluorescence-based miniaturized assays of target proteins with high sensitivity and specificity. The assay format can also be tailored to suit your specific project needs.

Evidence of Monoclonality

Cyto-Mine®’s built-in imaging and image analysis software provides documented proof of monoclonality for each selected cell (> 99% confidence).

Single Cell Assays

Cyto-Mine® picodroplet technology enables a powerful way to screen vast quantities of cells and molecules of interest. Our platform offers an optimized set-up for your single cell analysis needs.

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Our Technology

Built on picodroplet technology

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets. These are tiny droplets of aqueous fluid in an oil carrier fluid (‘single aqueous’), or an aqueous core surrounded by an oil shell in an aqueous carrier fluid ( ‘double aqueous’).

Each picodroplet is used to encapsulate a cell. This provides an ultra-miniaturized test tube, containing media, reagents and cells, that allows large-scale experiments at the single cell level.

These droplets can then be processed to build complex workflows to find the cells you care about.

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How to think big

Picodroplets have numerous applications in life science R&D. Here are some examples to fire up your imagination.


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Interested in an application not listed? Get in touch with our application support team.

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Consumables and Reagents

Consumables and Reagents

Our teams have created an ecosystem of high-quality consumables and reagents optimized for use with Cyto-Mine® to ensure that your workflows are as efficient as possible.

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