Cyto-Cellect®PLUS (Human IgG κ and λ Detection (AOF) Range)


The Cyto-CellectPLUS® human IgG κ and λ detection kit offers a sensitive, easy-to-use, animal-origin free assay to detect cell clone productivity.




Cyto-Cellect®PLUS is a FRET assay that detects the presence of human IgG kappa and lambda light chains. It is an easy-to-use assay to quantify clone cell productivity accurately and with high sensitivity. When picodroplets are formed during the Cyto-Mine® workflow, our human IgGκ and λ detection probes are co-encapsulated with the cells. As the encapsulated cells are incubated and start to secrete IgG kappa or lambda antibody, the probes bind to the target in close proximity and allow energy transfer when excited by the Cyto-Mine® laser.

Each kit includes 10 vials, 5 FRET donor and 5 FRET acceptor of human IgGκ and IgGλ detection probes, manufactured without the use of animal- or human-derived materials. Our detection kit is workflow-ready and compatible with CHO cell culture medium to get you up and running with minimum effort.

  • Animal-origin free
  • Free of human-derived materials
  • Sensitive and robust
  • Easy-to-use FRET-based assay
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