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Picodroplet-based Microfluidic Platforms

Our platforms are developed in close collaboration with key opinion leaders to fit seamlessly into your lab workflows. We focus on ease-of-use, speed, and reducing hands-on time while delivering high-quality outputs. They are all complimented by top-notch software, consumables, support, and training designed to help you advance, quickly.


Cyto-Mine® can simplify and accelerate your day-to-day operations in antibody discovery, cell line development, and beyond. It’s powered by our picodroplet technology to screen and analyze millions of individual cells and isolate those rare ‘hits’ with monoclonality assured. And all in a single, integrated platform with minimal ‘hands-on’ time.

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Pico-Mine® is our semi-automated, flexible and easy-to-use platform, designed to find your highly valuable and rare biological variants among vast cell populations. By radically increasing throughput and reducing cost, our picodroplet technology can help you save on resources whilst boosting your chances of success!

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