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Cell Engineering

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Cell Engineering

Innovate Your Cell Engineering with Precision Picodroplet Technology

Transform cell engineering with our state-of-the-art platforms. Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in transduction, transfection, and post-modification sorting, all within stable, high-speed Picodroplets.

Gene editing in picodroplets

It’s not just sorting and dispensing. Picodroplets are ultra-miniature reaction vessels and can be used to engineer cells – individually. Talk to our applications support team to discuss how our technology could work for your projects.

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  • Engineering mammalian cells
  • Transduction and transfection
  • Effortless selection and sorting post-modification

Built on picodroplet technology

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets – picolitre-volume aqueous droplets in a carrier oil. Each droplet acts as a tiny separate test tube. Cells are encapsulated in droplets with the assay reagents and passed through microfluidics for sorting and dispensing. Miniaturized, high-speed and fully automated to streamline your application.​

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Engineering cells individually

Droplet stability

Picodroplets support your workflow

Cell engineering workflows can take time – often days to execute. Picodroplets remain stable for these extended periods and allow high rates of gas transfer to maintain long-term cell viability, up to 72 hours from encapsulation.

Droplet stability

Transduction and transfection

Picodroplets support either approach

We have implemented workflows for both transduction and chemical transfection. We demonstrated successful editing using baculovirus, with 35% of all cells showing outgrowth and 3% with successful editing events. We also demonstrated CRISPR-RNP editing using chemical transfection, with 20% of cells edited and 16% showing outgrowth.

Transduction and transfection

Validated on multiple cell types

A widely-applicable technology

Picodroplets work with multiple cell types: Murine neural stem cells, Suspension cells – CHO, Jurkat, THP1, RAJI, Adherent cells – HCT116, A431, A549, HEK293.

Validated on multiple cell types chart

Integrated workflows

Engineer, characterize and select

Your entire workflow can be run within picodroplets. Engineer your cells, assay them to identify successful editing, select the good ones, and dispense them into plates for subsequent outgrowth. Automated, robust and easy to use to free up your time and mental capacity.

Seeing is believing

Don’t take our word for it – see our technology in action. We provide demos and proof-of-concept projects for our customers so you can build confidence in what our platforms can do for your cells.

  • Demos at your site or at our site in Cambridge, UK
  • Use our cell lines and assays, or use yours
  • Proof-of-concept projects – try something novel
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