Picodroplets for Single Cell Analysis


Our technology makes it possible to encapsulate and screen millions of individual cells or biological molecules in a single day. This enables you to find that rare or valuable cell variant, whether it’s a diseased cell, a high producer or even a valuable biological product. Processing millions of samples or cells a day, our technology is perfect for a variety of high throughput screening applications.

This is achieved with our proprietary microfluidic technology that allows the ultra-high throughput analysis of isolated cells in miniaturised (pL to nL) picodroplets. Our systems incorporate picodroplet microfluidics to enable faster, less costly and more effective sample screening and biological discovery.

Our technology has been specially designed for research areas such as antibody discovery, cell line development, synthetic biology, single cell diagnostics and prognostics. We are also working on applying the technology to key areas such as precision genome editing and cell therapy.

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Step 1. Picodroplet generation.


Step 2. Encapsulation of single cells in picodroplets.


Step 3. Selectively sort picodroplets generating a fluorescent signal

Step 4. Dispensing of carrier fluid containing a picodroplet into a 96- or 384-well microtitre plate.

Picodroplet Microfluidics

We often describe picodroplets as miniature ‘test tubes’ for single cells. Our technology produces these nL to pL volume aqueous droplets in oil at a range between 1,000 and 100,000 per minute.

Using appropriate biochips, our novel microfluidic systems can produce and manipulate e.g. incubate, analyse, sort, split, fuse, isolate and dispense millions of picodroplets every day. This allows you to screen a vast number of cells or biological samples to find cells or target molecules of interest.

The picodroplets are stabilised using proprietary biocompatible surfactants and can be stable for many days supporting cellular function. The surfactants promote high rates of gas exchange, thus maximising cell viability over extended periods of time.

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Cyto-Mine® is a powerful fully integrated system that can fast-track antibody discovery and cell line development by delivering selective cell screening, cell isolation and monoclonality assurance.

Research Instruments

Our Research Instruments can perform single cell screening, protein assays, single cell sorting and dispensing and can be adapted to fit your needs.



Our Cyto-Mine® and Research Instruments are applicable to a variety of research fields such as biologics discovery, cell line development and single cell genome editing.


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