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Consumables & Reagents

The consumables and reagents that underpin our picodroplet-based platforms are carefully crafted by our expert development and manufacturing teams. From best-in-class surfactants to sensitive and robust assay kits and microfluidic biochips, we take pride in knowing that you can rely on us.
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Cyto-Mine® Consumables and Reagents

Our teams have created an ecosystem of high-quality consumables optimized for use with Cyto-Mine®. This includes all you need to ensure that your workflows are as efficient as possible. Need help? Get in touch with our team now to discuss what combination is right for your projects.

Cyto-Surf B
Microfluidic-Biochips product

Droplet Microfluidic Biochips

Our scientists are experts in developing platform-agnostic microfluidic biochips. Whether off-the-shelf or something custom, they’re all designed and tested in-house to ensure they operate seamlessly with our platforms. Choose the right option for you.

Microfluidic-Biochips product

Droplet Microfluidics Chemicals

We develop and manufacture a range of top-quality surfactants and other chemicals used in droplet-based microfluidic workflows. Our chemists ensure they’re optimized for use with our platforms to deliver the results that you need for your research.

Cytrix Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit

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