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Cell Line Development

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Cell Line Development

Increasing efficiency

Do you wish there was an easier way to ensure only your highest-producing cells are progressed? Our platforms find the high producers and gently isolate them – automatically.

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  • Fully integrated automated workflows
  • Screen large cell populations easily
  • Select and dispense directly into well plates
  • Built-in monoclonality assurance

Built on picodroplet technology

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets – picolitre-volume aqueous droplets in a carrier oil. Each droplet acts as a tiny separate test tube. Cells are encapsulated in droplets with the assay reagents and passed through microfluidics for sorting and dispensing. Miniaturized, high-speed and fully automated to streamline your application.​

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Finding your best possible cells – easily

Integrated and automated

Everything you need in one platform

All the process steps you need in one platform: cell encapsulation with assay reagents, incubation, assessment, cell selection, monoclonality check, and dispensing into microtiter plates all in one – all completely hands-off along with all supporting data. Each run uses a disposable cartridge to eliminate any cleaning or concerns about cross-contamination between runs.

High producers and great growth

Ensuring you achieve both goals

It’s not just finding high producers; you need strong outgrowth to progress to fed-batch screening. Picodroplets protect cells during processing and allow high gas transfer rates, so selected cells have high viability. Data shows picodroplets equivalent to limiting dilution in 96 well plates for the outgrowth of CHO cells.

High throughput and gentle

Lightning fast without stress

Our platforms provide a unique balance. Traditional flow cytometry offers high throughput but intense shear stresses damage cells. Clone pickers are gentle but slow. Picodroplets provide speed (up to 200,000 cells per day) and protect cells to ensure your high-value clone is not stressed or damaged. Data shows viability >97% for two different CHO cell lines 24 and 48 hours after processing with Cyto-Mine®.

High throughput and gentle chart

Monoclonality assured

There can be only one

Regulations demand evidence that a cell line is derived from a single cell progenitor or clone. Cyto-Mine® automatically records and analyzes images of cells in droplets to assess monoclonality prior to dispensing. Multiple images, taken as the droplet moves and rotates in the channel, give the best possible chance to find droplets with more than one cell: and let you know to exclude that well from downstream processing.

Monoclonality assured

Seeing is believing

Don’t take our word for it – see our technology in action. We provide demos and proof-of-concept projects for our customers so you can build confidence in what our platforms can do for your cells.

  • Demos at your site or at our site in Cambridge, UK
  • Use our cell lines and assays, or use yours
  • Proof-of-concept projects – try something novel
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