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Picodroplets have numerous applications in life science R&D. Here are some examples to pique your interest and show you the breadth of what we can do.
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antibody discovery icon

Antibody Discovery

The original picodroplet application. Eliminate bottlenecks and find those rare antigen-specific antibody-producing cells – fast.
  • Fully integrated workflows
  • Sensitive single cell assays
  • Select and dispense into well plates
  • Rapidly screen large populations
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cell line development icon

Cell Line Development

Use picodroplets to assess cell productivity and ensure only the highest producers progress through your pipeline.
  • Screen large populations quickly
  • Fully integrated workflows
  • Select and dispense into plates
  • Built-in monoclonality assurance
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cell engineering icon

Cell Engineering

Picodroplets are ultra-miniature reaction vessels: find out how they can be used to engineer cells - individually.
  • Engineer mammalian cells
  • Transduction and transfection methods
  • Selection and sorting post-modification
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Cell Therapy

Picodroplets can be used for cell therapy development and manufacture: assess every cell with confidence.
  • Individual cell-level characterization
  • Functional cell-cell assays
  • Integrated workflows
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Synthetic Biology

Effortlessly build, test, and learn. Evaluate large libraries quickly to find your next molecule.
  • Microbes, plants, yeasts, and fungi
  • Integrated mass spectrometry
  • Scale and speed combined
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Other Applications

Interested in an application that we’ve not listed? Get in touch with our application support team. We’d love to discuss this with you!
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