Cyto-Surf® B

Cyto-Surf® B is required to operate Cyto-Mine®. It provides the surfactant necessary to make stable biocompatible picodroplets and is fully optimized for Cyto-Mine®.

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Cyto-Surf® B is one of the two droplet-forming reagents needed to operate our Cyto-Mine® platform. It provides the critical surfactant needed to create long-term-stable water droplets within the oil phase provided by Cyto-Surf® A. Cyto-Surf® B is optimized to give reliable, consistent operation in our Cyto-Mine® systems and provides the optimum conditions for cell viability including high rates of gas exchange and full biocompatibility. Cyto-Surf® B is manufactured in-house to the highest quality standards under our registered ISO 9001 quality management system.

  • Fully optimized for Cyto-Mine®
  • Ensures reliable, robust operation
  • Fully biocompatible
  • Made in house to the highest quality standards

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Acts as a carrier fluid for picodroplet formation and processing.



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