Cyto-Cartridge® provides the core microfluidic functions used by Cyto-Mine® to implement picodroplet workflows. It is a single-use, fully disposable device to ensure zero cross-contamination between runs and maintain cell quality.

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Cyto-Cartridge® is the core of the Cyto-Mine® platform that provides all the necessary microfluidic functions for implementing picodroplet workflows. This single-use device is designed to be easy to use, and it includes encapsulation, incubation, sorting, and dispensing functions in one place. Cyto-Cartridge® is manufactured to the highest quality standards under our ISO 9001 quality management system. It is made from fully biocompatible materials in a clean environment and is optimized to work seamlessly with the Cyto-Mine® platform and Cyto-Surf® reagents. Each Cyto-Cartridge® is barcoded to enhance quality control and data tracking during experiments. Its disposable feature ensures zero cross-contamination between runs, maintaining the integrity and quality of your cells for each experiment.

  • Optimized for Cyto-Mine® to provide all necessary workflow functions in one device.
  • Easy to use – add cells, insert into Cyto-Mine®, and go.
  • Single-use and fully disposable to ensure zero cross-contamination.
  • Fully biocompatible and made to the highest quality standards.
  • Barcoded to enhance quality control and data tracking.

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