Pico-Sort™ Generation / Sorting Biochip


Pico-Sort™ Generation / Sorting Biochip is designed to facilitate the production and sorting of picodroplets.

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Sphere Fluidics’ Pico-Sort™ Generation / Sorting Biochip is designed to facilitate the production and sorting of reliable and consistent picodroplets, with volumes ranging from as small as 400 picolitres up to 700 picolitres. Pico-Sort™ Generation / Sorting Biochip is specially developed for sorting and isolation of “hit” picodroplets from the starting cell population based on a user-defined optical readout. Made from soft polymer, our microfluidic biochip is compatible with a wide range of commercially available biochip connectors.

  • High picodroplet production rate.
  • Highly mono-dispersed and reproducible picodroplets.
  • Optimal picodroplet range is 200-600 pL.
  • Long residence time on biochip for easy visualisation.
  • Fluorophilic channel surface coating for improved performance.
  • Oil inlet in-line filter minimizes flow focus nozzle blockage.
  • Quick and reliable fluidic connection.
  • Single flow focus geometry.
  • Larger picodroplet sizes allow for longer incubation times.

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