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Cyto-Mine® as a reliable platform for Antibody Discovery (AbD) workflows

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Cyto-Mine® as a reliable platform for Antibody Discovery (AbD) workflows

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Uncover the Precision of Cyto-Mine® in Antibody Discovery Workflows

Identify, Isolate, and Subclone Rare Antigen-Specific Cells with 95-100% Accuracy

In the current study we aimed to replicate a real-life scenario of AbD workflow, where a small subpopulation of single cells secreting antibodies of interest is found within a large population of other antibody-secreting cells.

We then used Cyto-Mine®, the first fully automated integrated platform based on picodroplet technology, for identification, isolation and subcloning of these rare antigen (Ag)-specific single cells.

Furthermore, we evaluated the use of Cyto-Mine® in subcloning to enrich small populations of antigen-specific cells, thus demonstrating its application in all types of AbD workflows.

Key takeaways within this application note:

  • Cyto-Mine® was used to identify, isolate, and subclone rare antigen-specific cells in antibody discovery workflows.
  • An Ag-specific FRET assay was used to detect anti-TNFα antibody-secreting cells at the single-cell level.
  • Cyto-Mine® detected rare anti-TNFα cells mixed with irrelevant antibody-secreting cells, sorting and dispensing them into 96-well plates.
  • The platform subcloned and enriched high-performing antibody-secreting cells, significantly increasing the population of secreting cells.
  • Cyto-Mine® demonstrated high accuracy (95-100%) and effectiveness for antibody discovery and hybridoma-based applications.


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