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Something is coming at Sphere Fluidics

Get ready for the latest innovation in single cell analysis and isolation ​


The next generation of Cyto-Mine® is coming. Think Cyto-Mine®, but supercharged, enabling multiplexing and greater assay flexibility to fit your needs. It means that you can examine vastly greater numbers of cells — and isolate the most valuable ones— with unparalleled precision.

Here at Sphere Fluidics, we innovate to create not only our future, but yours. It’s why we put your single cell isolation and analysis needs at the forefront of our microfluidic technologies and innovation.

We’re about partnerships with people like you. We’ve been listening to your needs, and that’s exactly why we’re developing the next generation of Cyto-Mine® platforms and assays. Whether you’re working in Cell Line Development, Protein/Antibody Discovery, Cell and Gene Therapy or beyond, our upcoming, advanced droplet-based microfluidics instruments can help you lead the way in cell selection.

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Letting you think big needs lots of technology

Sphere Fluidics’ platforms are built on over a decade of scientific and engineering research and development. Originally spun out from the University of Cambridge, we specialize in multiple technical areas to deliver miniaturization – we work small so you can think big.

  • Picodroplets, our ultra-miniature test tubes
  • Droplet microfluidic biochips and fluid control
  • Software for instrument control and data analysis
  • Assays and workflows

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