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Custom Projects

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Need something unique?

Sometimes our off-the-shelf offerings may not be exactly what you need. Whether you need a new application workflow, a custom assay, or perhaps a variant on our world-leading surfactant, we can help. Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and see how we can get you to where you need to be, faster.

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  • Ease your journey to discovery
  • Save time, costs, and resources
  • Customized and innovative solutions
  • High-quality results

How we can partner with you

Proof of Concept Projects

Explore New Possibilities Together

Picodroplet technology can be widely applied. If you have a novel workflow or are working with a challenging, unusual cell line our expert team is here to help. We partner with you to carry out short proof-of-concept projects to assess the feasibility of picodroplets for your application and give you the data you need to make sound investment decisions. Projects typically run for 2-3 months and provide the perfect way to push the boundaries and find out what our technology can do for your science.

Some examples include:
  • Identifying and isolating antibiotic-resistant bacteria from very large populations
  •  Assays using split-GFP-based sensors in picodroplets
  • Miniaturization of precision genome editing.

Custom Assay Design

We design. You save Time.

Do you have limited assay development resources for your Cyto-Mine® or Pico-Mine® screens or want to use your valuable time elsewhere? We’re here to help. Simply speak to our team who will design and test your assays to make sure they meet your needs before transferring reagents and protocols over to you.

Cyto-Mine® assay design & development

Droplet Microfluidic Biochip Design

Can’t find the right biochip?

Our scientists are experts in developing custom biochips for use with microfluidic systems. This means we have many microfluidic biochips available to purchase including Pico-Gen™ and Pico-Sort™ Biochips. If you can’t find one that’s quite right for your application, we can design one for you. More than that, we design our biochips to be platform-agnostic, so they work effectively with both our platforms and other systems. Let us know what you need – we’ll get you sorted.

Droplet Microfluidics Chemicals

Picodroplet-related Chemicals - Created for You

We develop and manufacture a range of surfactants and other chemicals used in picodroplet workflows to enable the more effective use of microfluidic devices for research applications. Our research and manufacturing chemists are highly skilled and experienced in surfactant and other chemical production for use in applications such as single cell isolation, single cell analysis, cell growth studies, and mass spectrometry, where our picodroplet technology is used. If you need something custom for your projects they’d be happy to share their expertise and create the right picodroplet chemicals and solutions for your needs.

Patent Licensing Opportunities

In-License Our Patented Technologies

Want to unlock the possibilities of our broad, international patent portfolio? You can join us at the forefront of innovation and explore a world of novel, high-value technologies. Simply contact us to discuss how in-licensing opportunities could work for you. We’re also always on the lookout for new technology. If you think you have patents that we might be interested in, please talk to us.

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