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Date and Time: February 21st 1:30PM (GMT)
Location: Virtual
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Join our Advancing the Art: Improving Drug Discovery Methodology presentation - 21st February 1:30PM (GMT)

Romina Durigon will be presenting:


Picodroplets enabling high throughput single cell screening and isolation


The study of a single cell, the fundamental unit of our complex bodies, has become an important field in cellular biology, and researchers are using single-cell analysis to shed new light on basic biological questions and understand disease mechanisms. There is thus an urgent requirement for technologies enabling high-throughput assay and isolation of single cells for further characterization.

Using microfluidics, single cells can be encapsulated in picodroplets with a volume that is 100,000s times lower than a typical bulk volume method, Picodroplet-based methods to analyse single cells provide important benefits in research, including rapid generation for use as miniaturized independent “test tubes” for high-throughput bioassays, encapsulation of single cells (and their corresponding secreted molecules) to extend applicable assay types, and a low-shear stress environment to protect cells. This facilitates large-scale experiments at the single cell level; not only to enable the rapid detection and high-throughput sample processing, but also time- and cost-effective screening compared to conventional methods.
Using this technology, a range of novel bioassays can be developed for several applications, including biotherapeutic discovery and development and cell therapy research. In this webinar, we will describe these droplet-based approaches and how they can be harnessed to advance single-cell analysis, enabling the discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

Location, Date & Time:

Virtual, 21st February, 1:30PM (GMT)

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