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Cyto-Cellect®PLUS: Detection of Human IgGκ and λ with Cyto-Mine®

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Cyto-Cellect®PLUS: Detection of Human IgGκ and λ with Cyto-Mine®

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Discover the Versatility of Cyto-Cellect®PLUS in Detecting Human IgG

Reliably Isolate IgGκ and λ Secreting Cells with Cyto-Mine®

Cyto-Cellect®PLUS is designed to work in conjunction with the Cyto-Mine® Platform. It detects whole-molecule human IgG with κ and λ light chain, secreted from cells encapsulated within picodroplets
(Figure 1). The fluorescent probes bind to human IgG after secretion from encapsulated cells.

Using Cyto-Cellect®PLUS with Cyto-Mine® provides an assay for the measurement of single cell productivity by rapidly detecting secreted IgG, enabling the identification and selection of cells with the highest productivity.

Cyto-Cellect®PLUS is certified animal origin free (AOF) and is tested for isolation of IgG secreting CHO cells (IgG4κ and IgG1λ light chain) using Cyto-Mine®. The donor and acceptor probes are verified to bind to human IgG1-4λ and human IgG1-4κ.

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the Cyto-Cellect®PLUS detection kit for IgG secreting cells.
A customized pair of IgG-specific AOF fluorescent probes are trapped within each picodroplet. IgG secreted from the encapsulated cell is recognized by the detection probe pair forming a ternary FRET complex that induces a change in fluorescent signal.

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