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Pico-Mine® Sphere Fluidics


Pico-Mine® is our semi-automated platform designed to support earlier-stage research using picodroplet technology. It provides ultra-flexibility for workflows and assays to help you find your valuable and rare biological variants among large cell populations. Pico-Mine® radically increases throughput and reduces cost across a wide range of applications helping you save on resources and boosting your chances of success.
  • Semi-automated open platform
  • Build custom workflows easily
  • Novel functions such as splitting and liquid injection
  • Easy to use, no microfluidics expertise required
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Picodroplets in a wide range of applications

Our Pico-Mine® semi-automated platform gives you the ultimate flexibility to adapt picodroplet technology to your research needs. Multiple functions can be integrated into complex workflows including cell encapsulation, droplet splitting, droplet merging, adding liquid to droplets and droplet sorting. With single or double aqueous droplets, a wide range of droplet sizes, plus absorbance scatter and fluorescent measurement Pico-Mine® is the perfect platform for cell-based research.

Pico-mine-application, Pico-Mine® Sphere Fluidics

Flexible but simple

Pico-Mine® lets you mix and match functions to build the workflow you need for every project. It is also simple to use without needing microfluidics expertise so you can focus on your science.

High-throughput low cost

Picodroplet technology allows both cell-by cell assessment and rapid, low stress processing of cells – all at tiny volumes. You get the best of all worlds – precise measurements of large libraries in hours at low cost.

Complex workflows

Pico-Mine biochips allow a wide range of functions to be combined to execute the most complex workflows. And we can provide custom biochips too if that’s not enough.

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Perfecting the small, so you can work on the big

At the heart of our platforms are picodroplets. These are tiny droplets of aqueous fluid in an oil carrier fluid (‘single aqueous’), or an aqueous core surrounded by an oil shell in an aqueous carrier fluid ( ‘double aqueous’).

Each picodroplet is used to encapsulate a cell. This provides an ultra-miniaturized test tube, containing media, reagents and cells, that allows large-scale experiments at the single cell level.

These droplets can then be processed to build complex workflows to find the cells you care about.

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Limitless Applications

Pico-Mine® can be used in numerous applications in life sciences R+D. Here are some examples to fire up your imagination.

pico-mine strain engineering icon

Strain engineering

Analyze and direct enzyme evolution to find the optimum structure

pico-mine drug resistance icon

Drug resistance

Screen billions of bacteria a day to identify those developing resistance to your drug of interest

cell engineering icon

Cell engineering

Engineer your cells one-by-one using either transduction or transfection methods

cell therapy icon

Cell therapy

Co-encapsulate CAR-T and target cells and enrich your population based on activity

antibody discovery icon

Antibody discovery

Screen the entire repertoire of native B cells to find the rare cells you want – fast

synthetic biology icon

Synthetic biology

Profile biosynthetic metabolic pathway libraries and find the best cells easily

See what Pico-Mine® can do for you

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Consumables and reagents for Pico-Mine®

Our team has created an ecosystem of high-quality microfluidic biochips and reagents for Pico-Mine®

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