Single Cell Dispensing

Reliable and Efficient Single Cell Dispensing

Our reliable and high-throughput method for single cell isolation and verification can be applied to a variety of different areas. The applications include:

  • Cell line development
  • Single cell cloning
  • Sample preparation for sequencing
  • Cancer cell isolation
  • Cell engineering
  • Rare cell isolation
  • Synthetic biology
  • CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing
  • Single cell omics


What Sphere Fluidics has achieved is the development of an integrated and automated single cell analysis system, Cyto-Mine®. Cyto-Mine® enables the high throughput encapsulation, screening, sorting, and dispensing of target cells into microtiter plates in just one day. The workflow is streamlined into one machine, and such integration is a huge step forward.

Wilhelm Huck, Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry at the Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University Nijmegen

How Does Cyto-Mine® Optimize Single Cell Dispensing?

Cyto-Mine® can rapidly isolate, image and dispense single cells from large heterogeneous starting populations. Cyto-Mine® users have the additional powerful option of assaying (fluorescently) single cells for production of a key molecule to generate data at a single cell level. Cyto-Mine® can also be run in a mode where no fluorescent assay reagents are required, and the cells are still imaged and dispensed (using brightfield microscopy) into individual wells of a microtiter plate.

The streamlined workflow of Cyto-Mine® offers:

  • Very high dispensing fidelity observed at ≥ 99% accuracy
  • High cell viability, high cell recovery and high outgrowth rates after dispensing using gentle picodroplet-based technology
  • Single cell visualisation ensures precision and accuracy while providing evidence of monoclonality to support regulatory requirements
  • Intuitive and simple to use interactive data analysis software links data representation between well plate, plots and images.

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Cyto-Mine® Data Analysis Software

The Advanced Microfluidic Dispensing Technology of Cyto-Mine®

Cyto-Mine® can dispense and report clonality of both fluorescent beads and a wide range of cell types, including CHO cells, with accuracy greater than or equal to 99%. The fully integrated and automated workflow of Cyto-Mine® provides a very high fidelity of dispensing and offers a reliable and high-throughput platform for single cell isolation and verification.

To demonstrate the fidelity and reliability of cell dispensing of Cyto-Mine®, a series of experiments were conducted to show that the images taken of encapsulated cells before dispensing corresponded to the number of cells dispensed into each well.

Dispensing Accuracy of Beads: Fluorescent beads were dispensed into 10,560 wells (110 96-well microtiter plates). In each of the eleven experiments ten 96-well microtiter plates were dispensed (960 wells were processed per experiment). Conclusion: Cyto-Mine® can dispense and report clonality at > 99.3% dispensing accuracy.

Dispensing Accuracy of Cells: CHO cells were dispensed into 1,373 wells (fourteen 96-well microtiter plates, some wells were used as controls and some wells were not able to be counted). In each of the five experiments two or three 96-well microtiter plates were dispensed. Conclusion: Cyto-Mine® can dispense and report clonality at almost 99% dispensing accuracy.

Application Note: Reliable Single Cell Cloning with Advanced Microfluidic Dispensing

Download our application note to learn more about Cyto-Mine’s advanced microfluidic dispensing technology.

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Single Cell Cloning